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Documentary in 5 episodes

It was supposed to be a fabulous party. But eleven years after the launch of the Euro, the crisis is total.

In this web series we will explore who is winning and who is losing in the euro crisis. How did it come this far, and most of all, what kind of Europe do we want?

This web series is based on the bestseller "How Dare They – the euro, the crisis, and the big hold-up" by Peter Mertens.

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The unsinkable ship is taking on water. Uncountable gallons of water are filling the lower decks of the Titanic. A search for a new society is imperative. One where people are the centre, not profit. An open conversation about society. You can help out.

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The book

This web series is based on “How dare they? – The Euro, the crisis and the big hold-up”  by Peter Mertens, EPO distribution.

The Eyjafjallajökull is a natural phenomenon. The economic crisis is not. It should not invite bewilderment about untameable powers, but outrage. After the crisis of 2008, bankers, money-grabbers, and bubble blowers got … even more power. In a big hold-up, millions of Euros changed owners to the hands of millionaires again.  In Europe, the speculators were attributed a royal standing, and are now tamely called “markets”. As if they were emperor Nero, they decide – with a thumbs up or thumbs down – about the future of entire peoples. From Greece to Italy to the north they are demanding again that you and me pay for the crisis, for the second time. How dare they!

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This project is created by Docwerkers in cooperation with EPO distribution and Medicine for the People.

Docwerkers is a creative and socially engaged production platform, with a passion for online video and documentary. Visit our website or like us on facebook or twitter to discover our other projects.



concept development, production, direction, and script: Pieter De Vos
camera: Sebastiaan Beysen
sound: Geert Veuskens, Nico Vandepoel, Pieter De Vos
montage: Geert Veuskens, Joris Rabijns, Pieter De Vos

presentation: Vitalski Vialuv

voice-over english version:  Jonathon Sawdon

additional camera: Sergio Guil, Pieter Neyrinck, Geert Veuskens,  Noud Wynants, Kris Lathouwers
interview EBF: Roel Nollet
grip: Nils Valkenborg
production assistance Belgium: Laura De Vos
footage research: Geert Veuskens

fixers: Cristina Pantzou & George Kouvaras (Athene), Xavier Artigas & collectivo (Barcelona), Jordi Mura (Barcelona), Ellen Vermorgen (Frankfurt)

animation: Annelies Vaes
illustrations: Inge Rylant
original music: Fritzkopf
design: Afreux Beeldfabriek
website: Rein Vyncke

copywriting: Pieter De Vos, Hugo Fransen, Marc Vandepitte, Ringo Gomez Jorge
translations: Fotoula Ionadis, Maxime Kouvaras, Laura De Vos, Hugo Fransen, Erica Bal, Lut Van Sant, Bart Menu
content support: Hugo Franssen, Peter Mertens, Marc Vandepitte

creative commons music:
Marc Teichert / Anna’s Theme * Silence / Cellule * JT Bruce / A Skeptic’s Hypothesis * Dexter Britain / After Christmas * Altered Carbon / Nebulae * Orbique / Simple * Origamibrio / Flicker * Johnny Ripper / Carousel * Johny Ripper / Odnam with discography * Hifi Hustlers – Freedom *Altered Carbon / Prypiat * Dexter Britain / Train * / The Time To Run * Dexter Britain / Calling Instrumental * BOPD / New England Is Interesting * Bear Bones, Lay Low / Vomiting Bass

archive footage:
Associated Press  Archive / Nobel Media AB 2012 / Brandon Jourdan & Marianne Maeckelbergh / World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2005 / Euractive Media / Corporate Europe Observatory / Social Europe Journal