Did you know?

That the richest Greeks parked about 600 billion Euros on Swiss bank accounts? That is almost twice the amount of the Greek debt… i

That the super rich Greek evade about 30 billion Euros in taxes yearly. That’s more than enough to pay for the yearly debt and to end the crisis. ii

That the crisis in Greece could have been avoided if Europe had intervened on time? iii

That big business in Belgium, just as in other countries, barely pays taxes, just under 4%, and that this is not smart, economically speaking? Economists have worked out that an ideal tax rate would be about 36% percent. iv 1 2

That since the start of the financial crisis the profits of the biggest corporations have risen by 25 to 30%? v

That the crisis is being used as a lever to break the resistance of the European people? “Crises also offer interesting opportunities. We can get things done that we could not get done without one,” or so says Wolfgang Schäuble, minister of finance of Germany. vi

by Marc Vandepitte