Did you know?

That the power of the national parliaments is being hollowed out by the European Commission? i

That before the Irish government announced the major austerity measures, she first had a secret meeting with big business and the banks? And that the banks won? ii

That even Merkel admitted that we are living under the dictatorship of the financial markets and that politicians are listening to them instead of to their voters? iii 1 2

That Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the Eurogroup phrases it the same way himself? “We make decisions. Then we present them and wait what happens with them. If there is no protest or resistance, as most don’t understand what is being decided, then we go on. Step by step. Until there is no way back.” iv

That Irish people who are having trouble paying their mortgages have to give up their satellite TV and cannot travel to foreign countries? They also are designated a budget for food, heating, and leisure expenses. This is happening to about 200,000 families. v

That only a small minority in Europe is happy with the current economic course? In France and the United Kingdom that is only 30%, in Italy and Spain 10%, in Greece barely 2%. vi

That the popularity of the Greek governing party Pasok has dropped to 6%? vii

That 96% of the Spanish think that the political corruption is “very high” and that 85% has no faith in the Spanish prime minister? viii

That the traditional parties in Italy can count on the support of only 10% of the population, and that 45% of the Italian youth voted for Beppe Grillo in the last election? ix

by Marc Vandepitte