Did you know?

That austerity is a bad medicine and that it only worsens the crisis? Even the IMF says so. i

That the industrialisation rate in France dropped with 10% since 2008, in Spain with 22%, and in Italy with a whopping 25%? ii 1 2

That Europe today is retaking the exact same disastrous course it took in the ‘20s and ‘30s? That course existed out of debt disputes, austerity, soaring unemployment, and political radicalisation, and finally resulted in war. iii

That Lithuania is us a sample of what the crisis could mean? The country was the first that was hit by the credit crisis. The subsequent austery measures were highly destructive. The economy shrunk by 25%. Unemployment rose from 7% to 21%, youth unemployment to 28%. Government employees saw their wages drop with 30%, and poverty rose from 14% to 20%. Between 2000 and 2012, the population is thought to have diminished by one sixth through emigration. iv 1 2

That the youth unemployment is 37% in Portugal and Italy, 52% in Greece and an incredible 57% in Spain? v

That that is causing the youth to flee their countries in big numbers? Since the start of the crisis about half a million Italians and Portuguese, and one fifth (!) of the Irish youth. By 2020 four million Spanish youth will have left their country. vi 1 2 3 4

That in Spain young people are prepared to take on a fulltime job for 300 euros a month? vii

That in Italy, in the region of Napes alone, 54,000 children are wlorking full time, often for less than one euro an hour? viii

That today 116 million Europeans are living below the poverty line or in social exclusion? That is one out of four. Another 100 to 150 million are living on the edge. In total that is 43% to 53% of the population. ix 1 2 3

That in Spain 400,000 people have been evicted? x

That the Greeks, just as in many third world countries, now have to bring their own medicine when they are admitted to a hospital? xi

That since the crisis 54% of the Greeks have felt depressed regularly, and that the number of suicides in Italy caused by economic motives has risen by 25%? xii 1 2

That the resistance against the antisocial measures is rising and that the indignados in Spain are supported by 80% of the population? xiii

by Marc Vandepitte

v) figures Eurostat May 2013